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  1. AC Duct CoverRefrigerant pipes for air-conditioning required insulation of the pipes and unless the insulation is protected from the sun the material will break down overtime and fall away, as such reducing efficiency.

    If not protective covers are not installed correctly duct covers can slide down or elbows fall off exposing the insulation.

  2. Crack Wired GlassCracking to wire reinforced glass is common due to the thermal differences between the internal of the home and the external, particularly in colder months of the year, which then allows water to commence corrosion of the steel wire reinforcement.

    In most cases the cracking does not render the glass unsafe however the condition of the glass should be monitored and when replaced only approved laminated or toughened safety glass should be installed.

  3. Blocked Floor Waste ShaftWet areas within homes such a toilets, bathrooms and laundry's have dry floor wastes (small grate within the floor). These waste pipes are not connected to the homes sewer system and instead are for water that may come from an overflowing trough, bath or basin to discharge most of the water to the outside of the home, however the external of the pipe such be free to allow the water to flow (often these are housed in a vertical shaft). This photo shows a built-up of debris within the shaft which will otherwise prevent water flow. It is suggested the outlet location be known and frequently checked. 

  4. Bore LidA number of homes draw irrigation water from a bore, these boars are often located within a dry well formed by  a concrete liner or series of liners. The depth of the liners vary, some are fairly shallow and others can be several meters deep.

    It is suggested that the lid at ground level which covers the liner be fixed in position to avoid inexperienced persons, such as children from lifting the lid and falling into the liner well.

  5. IMG_3905Unbeknown to the homeowner or real estate agent the upper blacony perimeter support beams and structural post to this home were serverely affected by timber decay to the extent that the balcony is structually unsound and not suitable for persons to access the balacony until the beams are replaced. Balcony collapse can lead to injury or worse - ensure your balcony is checked by a professional frequently.

  6. Blocked Sewer Overflow

    Each home has a sewer overflow point, the purpose of this is to allow waste water to escape via the external of the home rather than the internal of the home.

    Rising water within the vertical sewer shaft (as this photograph shows) indicates a blockage within the homes plumbing sewer pipes. The blockage could be due to a range of reasons including tree roots crushing the pipes below ground or even children dropping toys into the sewer overflow pipe.